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About the Bitch:

Sartre spoke of Intellectuals not being effective due to not being from the ‘class’ of people they claim to stand for; that to be effective we need a new form of intellectual to emerge ‘from’ that class of people they claim to represent. I place myself in that category, having observed from the bottom of the pyramid: being politically active grass roots since late 60’s; but the ‘they’ keep mowing it down; being a single parent of 3, with absolutely no child support, while living in low-income mixed-race neighborhoods in all 4 corners of the country & the middle; & homeless a few times. I am a child of faux-aristocracy on mother’s side; & blue collar lower mid-class on father’s, which is preferable as they always seem much more human to me. Most of my political involvement has been ‘within the rabble’, not much organizing, other than being on the site planning committee for 1990 National Green Conference. I at times have appeared at marches, rallies, progressive events, etc., in guise of Robin Hood.

A major part of my studies thru reading have always been academic/scholarly, generally not a common person’s cup of tea, plodding thru enormous tomes full of big pretentious words, & ending with pages & pages of references to other tomes; but now pages & pages of ‘W dot’ references to websites. I take artistic license, differing from the norm; if there is one.
For 4 decades I was, ‘essentially’, a visual artist, doing much subjective writing relative to my art; & other extensive writing projects. Major part of my creative endeavors has always been concerned with this seemingly never ending plight of our world & its peoples. It is not up to the ‘witness’ to ‘prove’ a crime has been committed. The Witness testifies as to what has been observed.

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