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      About the Press:    

    “Bitch Birtha Press” publishes ‘alternative’ books relative to Politics and Art, for the ‘cause’ of ‘truly’ progressive change in our society; alternative, unique, creative, yet not so difficult to read. We are more concerned with critical tho’t expressed in informative projects for the ‘common person’, needing no scholarly diatribes, just something to jar them from blissfully goose stepping into the digital Matrix, & turn them to actively changing to better from ‘just the way it is’. We will ‘not’ publish e-Books. We will ‘not’ publish anything smelling of capitali$m, as it cannot be redesigned, bypassed, or circumvented. We ‘will’ publish various ideologies on alternatives it might be totally be replaced with, ‘favoring’ the people, not ‘owning’ them. 

    Our small press publishes books of up to 150 pages: offered freely, or for a donation we will use solely to keep the press printing. If in the future we decide to actually take on a business persona books will be $10; still not for profit, just to keep the press running. No 10.95 or 10.99 BullShit.