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“The Adventures of Pedro the Purple Turtle.”

This sweet story is meant to be read with child mind; not adult mind ‘rules’ technicalities, regulating free flow of imaginative artistic form thru poetry. 

Delving into deep shit thru eyes of innocence – not as militant vegan nazis I’ve been repeatedly attacked by since ‘my’ path led ‘me’ back to being omnivore. I love his presentation as acceptable, educational Food for Thought! I see things in spectrums; this the vegan end of ‘what to eat’ dilemma. 

A planned series will continue for youngsters between 3 & 11 years of age with Sufficient Adventurous Excitement for Adults as well !!! 

Majikal Children & Mystical Animals in an ONGOING Adventure from place to place with INTENTION; “The Great Adventures of Pedro the Purple Turtle & Tiara the Turquois Tortoise”; Poetically Enhanced Education Becoming Vegan Champions for Animals…. & all Sentient Beings…. Visiting Animal Sanctuaries, Wildlife Refuges, Organic Gardens & Farms, Animal Rescue Operations, & the Heroes whose Most Beautiful Spirits light a Path of True Love.